Pilates Classes

To achieve the maximum benefits of the Method the sessions’ frequency is suggested at 2-3 times weekly .One – to –One session due to the nature of the Method may be considered as one of the best ways to master the principles , breathing and exercise routine and get a workout customized to your individual needs.

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Other Fitness Options

  • Cardio workouts: Zumba, Zumba Kids, Circuit Training, Barre Work.
  • ‍TRX Resistance Training: Group/ Individual.
  • ‍Weight Loss Management: Group / Duets/Individual.
  • ‍Off-site instruction; Pilates Matwork Classes/ Rehabilitation Work/ Individual
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Yoga Classes

  • Increased Level of Flexibility and Strength;
  • ‍Relaxation and Improved Sleep;
  • ‍Pain and Stress Relief;
  • ‍Cardiovascular Conditioning ( Yoga exercises help to lower resting heart rate);
  • Increase in Lung Function; Weight Management; Increase in Overall Endurance.
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