Pilates Classes

To achieve the maximum benefits of the Method the sessions’ frequency is suggested at 2-3 times weekly .One – to –One session due to the nature of the Method may be considered as one of the best ways to master the principles , breathing and exercise routine and get a workout customized to your individual needs.

1. Allegro  Reformer I :  Available at Studio only

 These sessions are to enhance the knowledge of the Pilates Allegro Reformer and Mat work  by incorporating basic and intermediate exercises of the method to develop endurance and core power, address muscle imbalances and posture, improve breathing.  Available  as individual session , Duet or Trio.

2. Allegro  Reformer II :   Available at Studio only

This class is offered for students progressing from Allegro  Reformer I and Pilates enthusiasts with previous Reformer experience after initial assessment/trial session.  Available  as individual session, Duet or Trio.

3. Clara’ s (Small)  Barrel) classes: (maximum 5 participants)

This Pilates Small class helps isolate postural muscles and challenges the torso core strength with a variety of movements performed in sitting. Exercises of this class create stronger and more flexible spine, work all abdominal muscles, offer relief from back pain and muscle tension, especially in low back and neck.

4. Stretch and Tone with Magic Circle , Roller and Weights

This class is essential for those who want to increase flexibility and ease tension in different groups of muscles after a stressful and busy day at work. These stretch class exercises are combined with a number of toning workouts which include the use of Ultra – Fit circles, Rollers and light weights for body sculpting and resistance training. This class is recommended for Beginners.

5. Pilates Private Session: available at studio and off-site (mat only)

One-to-one  (60 or 90 minutes) session with a focus on client’s individual needs and fitness goals through a variety of exercises on mat and small Pilates apparatus. A private session is recommended as the most effective way to learn Pilates method.

6. Home Programme Private/ online instruction :

One –to - One (60 to 90 minutes) session with a focus on establishing a customized exercise routine to practice at home or when travelling. Offered for clients who want to enhance their home practice of the Method , focus on their specific fitness needs and had experience with the method attending our studio classes.

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