Anna Oguimoura

Studio Owner, Pilates teacher

Anna started her teacher training at Pilatesbodyworks Pte Ltd, the 1st and the biggest Pilates studio in Singapore after discovering Pilates in mid-2000s  as the then new fitness regimen. Six months later at the workshop in Singapore she met  Ron Fletcher  and became a diligent and dedicated student of his work.

Late Ron Fletcher was one of Pilates “elders” and legacy keepers, teachers who learned the method from Joe Pilates back in the 60s of the past century. Ron Fletcher was blessed to study under Clara Pilates (Joe Pilates' wife and a nurse by profession) as much as under Joe himself. Ron developed his unique movement patterns  and  percussive  breathing  technique (read more on ). Ron’s work was also inspired by brilliant Martha Graham and Yeichi Nimura, whom Ron was a proud student of. Ron  moved to California and established the 1st Beverly Hills Pilates studio in 1971.

In August 2004 Anna joined the Ron Fletcher Program of Study (RFPOS) and had a privilege to study with Ron Fletcher himself and his wonderful teachers Kyria Sabin, Catherine Anderson, late Joyce Ho ( )and Pat Guyton( Anna completed Level I of the RFPOS in June 2005 and was certified as an Apprentice Fletcher Teacher. RFPOS Level II took two more years (and a whole life to master!) and in July 2007 Anna was certified  as a Qualified Fletcher Teacher  by Ron Fletcher.

After apprenticing and teaching at a few leading Pilates studios in Singapore for more than 5 years, Anna started teaching from a small Home studio to offer clients more flexibility and a customized approach to their fitness needs. She moved to Kuala Lumpur in August 2008 and incorporated PilatesHomeStudio Sdb Bhd (The Studio) . The Studio opened its new premises in October 2010 in Pantai Hill Park, Bangsar South. 

 Anna holds two Bachelor of Science degrees (Sports Science and Exercise and Rehabilitation from Edith Cowan University (ECU), Perth, Western Australia) and works as Exercise Physiologist with clinical populations. In 2014 she completed the Graduate Diploma In Public Health( Specialization in Health and  Aged Care Management (ECU, Perth, Westen Australia).

 Anna has a special passion and skills to work with special needs populations, clients with back injuries and pathologies, in rehabilitation and massage therapy.

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